Plastic Surgery & Burn Unit

Plastic Surgery:

Our department provides a Holistic, Scientific & Technologically Advanced Approach for all dermatological and cosmetic conditions. It offers a holistic treatment involving a wide range of services pertaining to medical, pediatric, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. The patients are given excellent skin care using up-to-date techniques and medical expertise.

Dermatology - Treatments & Services:

  • Post Burn Contracture.
  • All kinds of Burn Management.
  • Nerve and Tendon repair.
  • AV Fistula for dialysis cases.
  • Surgery for skin and nail diseases.
  • Electro cauterization.
  • Different chemical peels including a latest Cosmelan therapy for facial pigmentation.
  • Cryo therapy for warts.
  • Botox injections for wrinkles as well as hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) of palms and axillae.

Dermatological Procedures:

  • Removal of warts.
  • Removal of Molluscum contagiosum.
  • Removal of Xanthelasma (fat deposits on the eyelids).
  • Removal of skin tags (Achrochordons).
  • Removal of freckles and lentigenes.
  • Removal of moles.
  • Removal of benign skin tumors.
  • Glycolic acid peeling.
  • Punch biopsies.
  • Punch grafting for Vitiligo.
  • DCP pulse therapy.
  • Drug provocation tests for allergy to medications.
  • Patch testing for skin allergies.
  • Keloid injections.
  • Podophyllin treatment for Genital warts.



Dr. Saurabh Saxena (MBBS, MS, MCh. – Plastic Surgery)

Department: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
Prior Affiliation: Asst. Pro. (Plastic Surgery)
Time: Evening- 03 PM to 05 PM

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